Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This just makes me sick:

I really felt sick to my stomach when I read this:

"It wasn't just one cop attacking Oscar Grant on New Year's Eve. A new video shows that before Grant was killed, officer Tony Pirone punched him in the face without cause, hitting him so hard that he dropped to the ground. Experts have called it criminal. So why has the District Attorney said he's not pursuing charges?"
-James Rucker,, 01/28/2009

Please sign this petition to have your voice heard in this matter:

If this isn't a glaring example that our tax dollars need to be redirected away from wars and towards real, longterm solutions and investments (like education), I don't know what is. We have too many issues on the homefront, that's forreal.

And this for-profit sh*t called capitalism really needs to stop.

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Russell said...

Well put, Nida. That's why we need to keep up the good fight. I really hope we can do the most to bring justice to this insanely appaling and offensive case.